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  1. questionI'm receiving the error "Server licence key is missing, invalid or has expired."
    If you have already entered your trial license but are receiving this error, then it's likely you've entered the license key on the wrong computer. Please ensure that you have entered the license key on the VNC Server computer (this is the computer that you are connecting *to*).
  2. question"AES authentication failure" error
    The AES authentication error indicates that the network is potentially very lossy - lossy enough to fool the TCP checksum but not the more robust AES checksum performed by VNC Viewer. One definite cause of this error is the Broadcom NetXtreme II gigabit NIC which has a setting "Large Send Offloa ...
  3. questionI'm receiving the error "'Too many security failures".
    VNC Server has a 'blacklisting' scheme that blocks an IP address after five unsuccessful connection attempts. The IP address is initially blocked for ten seconds, but this doubles for each unsuccessful attempt thereafter. A successful connection from an IP address resets the blacklist timeout. T ...
  4. questionI'm receiving the error (11001)
    "Error 11001 " indicates that no response was received from the specified IP address or hostname. It usually indicates an incorrect IP address or hostname has been entered. You should check that you are entering the correct IP address or hostname when connecting with VNC Viewer. If you are run ...
  5. questionAn internal error has occurred. (80092004) when connecting to Intel AMT/vPro using TLS
    This article applies to VNC Viewer Plus 1.1 and earlier. Trying to connect to AMT Server on Intel AMT/vPro using TLS gives an error: "An internal error has occurred. (80092004)" Ensure that VNC Viewer has the right certificate installed and is trying to connect using that certificate. Check the ...
  6. questionI'm receiving the error "Connection closed unexpectedly. Do you wish to reconnect?".
    This is one of the more common error messages reported, and the error itself does not give an adequate description of the actual problem. However, it is most often caused by one of the following: - Your "Hosts" filter has been deleted, or mis-configured. The "Hosts" parameter tells VNC Server wh ...
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